I’m Paul, a 23 years old game art student from Bochum, Germany.
Just sharing my Games here.

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We are in the year 2050, all the resources on Earth are close to depletion, so we have no choice but to colonize other planets.

Mars is the closest planet to us, and we have to find a way to colonize it as fast as possible. However, going to a new planet that we never lived on before is not going to be easy.

Build your own colony on Mars and make humanity a multiplanar species!

Release: November 2022

Build epic empires and conquer campaigns in this civilization war strategy game.

Release: December 2021

Live your fantasy of ultimate destruction, demolition of cars, buildings and More

Release: August 2020

Arcade-Game for casual Gamers in which you need good reactions, smart tactics and maybe a bit of luck.

Release: Feburary 2020

In Slide Black White you need fast reactions to sort falling balls.

Release: August 2018

Simulation software to learn the correlations between electricity load and environmental impact

Release: July 2018