I’m Paul, a 21 years old game art student from Germany and the creator of AtticGamesStudio. I have been playing lots of video games since I was a kid and they have quickly become my passion. About 6 years ago I decided to create my one games and share them with other people around the world - that was the beginning of AtticGamesStudio.

Build epic empires and conquer campaigns in this civilization war strategy game.

Release: December 2021

Live your fantasy of ultimate destruction & demolition of cars, buildings & More

Release: August 2020

Arcade-Game for casual Gamers in which you need good reactions, smart tactics and maybe a bit of luck.

Release: Feburary 2020

Build your own colony on Mars and make humanity a multiplanar species!

Release: May 2019

In Slide Black White you need fast reactions to sort falling balls.

Release: August 2018

Simulation software to learn the correlations between electricity load and environmental impact

Release: July 2018